Popping the cherry of gadgetry.

Hello millennials and tech savvy chums. This is Akira Ching signing in and doing my first post. I love technology. This blog will be all about tech stuff. That means I will be writing app reviews and inspirational inventions. I am from Asia but I wont tell you specifically where. What I want you to know is that I have been spending decades morphing my identity in the interwebs. I have written many blogs, mostly about music. You will still be reading about music in some of my posts but they will be related to music technology and how the things that we use in the studio can enhance the listening experience of the people like you and me. 

I am not a nerd. I think I have an average IQ. My love for technology has gotten me this far. I think I am a turtle amidst the bunnies in the blogosphere. But what I lack in speed I make up in style and passion. And all of us catch up right? We all do. Given time and care, we can evolve into beings of supernatural abilities. But I wont go into that. This is just to say hello and I am ready to rock your world!


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