Trying to Finish Reading that Damn Book!

Have you experienced forcing yourself to finish a book which feel lazy to finish? It’s not that the book is not good. The problem is that I have lost my desire to read the way I used to. I think it is something to do with the constant distraction I get not just from working but also from so many things like social media and tech.

But I finished one book this weekend. I won’t tell you about the author because you might think it’s because the author wrote something boring. It’s actually a good book and the author has received a lot of positive reviews. But it’s my brain. After finishing that book, I moved to the next which I started six months ago. And I am still 50 % through the damn thing!

I think it takes a lot of mind muscle to do what we love and used to love most. And when our interest take a different turn, that mind muscle experiences an atrophy. And ti takes a lot of time and motivation to get back to that momentum. Such is the thing I have experienced lately not just in books but also in music. I used to write many reviews in a week but it seems that I have been lazy in researching music lately. My attention has been seduced by technology. So I started this little technology blog which to my surprise is gaining many followers. How did that happen?

Have you experienced the same issue with your brain and how you want to finish a particular book badly? I do hope it is not as terrible as mine. Because I am doing an awful part of the week wrestling that into place.


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