One week with my iPhone 6 plus

The iPhone 6 plus

The iPhone 6 plus

I own an iPhone 5s and so far my experience was it has an amazing camera which is good for instagram. It also has a good retina screen that really makes watching YouTube videos fun. I did productive work with that smart phone like posting short blogs and responding to emails.

Bigger is better!

The iPhone 5s is slick and classy compared to Samsung or other smart phones in the market(ewww). But let’s face it: it’s so small. Steve Jobs used to say that “who needs a bigger phone?” But that was 2007. In 2015, people use their iPhones as their secondary computers. In some countries where buying a Macbook is not an option, iPhones become their primary computing tool.

When I saw the advert for the iPhone 6 plus, I knew  that it’s the iPhone for me. So I went to the iStore and checked out the 6 before moving to the plus. The iPhone 6 is ok but it isn’t big enough. I like the gold and I think that gold and white are elegant colors. After a few minutes I decided to splurge-which was not easy as it cost me many months of salary. But I never regret the decision because after getting one, I felt fulfilled. And I tell you, please don’t laugh at me when I say that owning a Mac or the latest iPhone is almost a spiritual experience.

Power and durability.

If you want the best, then you gotta pay for it. In the end it is worth it because of its durability and design. After a week I admired the productivity it has given me. I blog, post and also chat using this new iPhone. And I listen to music all the time. I don’t mind the massive size. It is not something that gets in the way. It is not really hard to put inside my jeans pocket and it doesn’t bend! Haha.


There is no going back. The iPhone 5s looks and feels very small now. It is still an elegant gadget but hey, size does matter!


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