Sorry For Being Away For Too Long..

Just like anything else, offline life steals us just when we’re having too much fun online. We don’t know what happens next. We gain friends, we loose some..and one day those that we love simply disappear from our lives. But that’s what makes life constant-the change that no matter how we want things to be where they are, shit happens.

One day we wake up and our best friends turn to strangers/enemies. We ask how the hell these people whom we thought we know by heart suddenly start behaving like assholes and treat us like shit. But that is the game of life-constant change. And what doesn’t destroy you will only make you stronger. DON’T ever think that your enemies will never become your best pals. As the opposite has shown us, nothing is predictable.

Now for some tech update, I have been having this wonderful love affair with my JBL clip 2. It is a good bluetooth speaker to be taken anywhere because it is handy. I apologize that I could not provide my own video (blame that on not being able to prepare for this post) but I am posting a video done by a vlogger.

My personal experience after using it for months is that though the sound is decent, the battery suffers when you turn it full blast. Better bring a powerbank with you (which I have recently done) if you want hours and hours of music. It has a good sound for a small size and though I will be getting the more powerful bluetooth speakers like the Pulse or other variations, I can say this one gets the job done especially if you are not really planning to pay it full blast!


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