Marques Brownlee:Top 5 Upcoming Tech this 2016!

I follow the review of this guy because I like his style. So are you into Android or iOS? There will updates this year. Check this video and learn more.



Amazon Echo

For months now I have read great raves about the Amazon Echo and the more I read the more I want to get one. But I don’t think I am crazy enough to blow my salary for a $179 tech that is in its first generation but we will see. I posted videos below to give you an idea what are the things it can do and the things that need improvements.

It uses voice command just like Apple’s Siri or Window’s Cortana. The name is Alexa which sounds a bit porny for you dirty minds! It is recommended for those who have embraced home automation and would love this technology to do their daily tasks.


Check out the detailed specs here:


My Friend Alex Pardini Has a Cool Music Studio

Alex Pardini is one of the coolest dudes in the planet. He created the header for my blog as a gift. Since then our friendship grew and one day I will come visit him in Switzerland. How cool is that?!

Apart from being a singer-songwriter, he is also a photographer, sports enthusiast and label owner. This is how his studio looks like:

Just a little insight. That’s how it looks and sounds in my studio these days.
As far as I remember I used the Elektron RYTM, Korg Volca Bass and Yamaha An1x (amongst other gear) for the track.-Alex Pardini.

Yes, that’s his music in the background. And he is also good looking! 😉