Looking for new speakers? Check out Aura by Harman Kardon


If you are looking for a 365 degrees sound then the Aura by Harman Kardon is the best thing for you. I was looking for ‘stuff’ when I stumbled upon this stylish speaker system. I will post the youtube review from Luke Bell below. I love its slickness. It looks like an alien ship. It is also monstrously loud!


Morph Speakers

Look at these goodies. I have been following these guys via Instagram for over a month now and they never fail to impress. These speakers are not meant for the loud stuff. But they get the job done when you want music playing while chilling down after a long day. They don’t have built in machines or amps. It is all about amplification by nature and craft. It’s all acoustics, no electricity.

What they do is this. They amplify the sound coming out of your gadget. We all know how these little speakers sound like. They are tinny and horrible especially when played loud. Morph Speakers capture the sound and amplify it using the wood’s acoustics. What comes out is a warm louder sound. Morph Speakers look attractive too.

The speakers work with iOS, android or tablet computers like the iPad.
http://www.morph speakers.com